by The Cool-Notes

In Your Car - The Mixes

7 Tracks   320 Kbps   34:22            £2.99

In 1996 Steve McIntosh and Joe Charles after popular demand  decided to remix two of The Cool-Notes biggest hits to-date, “Spend The Night” along with “In your Car”. These proved to be a huge sucess and with the help of Glenn Payne of Gap Music the band would enjoy numerous releases of the disc’s world wide. In Your Car R&B Mix also features the guest ‘Rap’performance of Geoffrey Forrest.  SLNB Music has now digitally remastered all these titles and made available for download at the incredible high quality bit rate of 320 kbps.



In Your Car – Original 7 inch Mix

3:47            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – Original 12 inch mix

6:02            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – New ’96 Radio Mix

3:56            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – R&B Radio Mix

4:05            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – Paws To The Floor Mix

5:19            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – R&B Extd. Mix

5:58            £0.82+vat


In Your Car – Maltese Xitan Mix

5:42            £0.82+vat

In Your Car – The Mixes

You’re Never Too Young – Soul Remix

Unreleased Album