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From here you can take a closer look, search and find whats available in our library. You can also quick link to all of the other music players that we have on the whole site.

Format Choice

Each track can be downloaded in the format of your choice. .Mp3 -.Wav .Aiff


Find your genre by simply selecting the player of that type, it's as simple as that.


Once you've found your music just pay and then download your order and it will be yours to use in your project in minutes.

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Working Success

With our library music we have achieved much success over the years. We are about making great music, it’s always been about the music which is why we would like share with you some of the places you may have heard our music.

Want to know more

If you have a project and would like to know more about our library and how you could use our music in your project. Then send us your details and a few lines describing your query and we will get straight back to you.  

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