About The Company

SLNB Ltd is situated in Sutton Surrey, better known as the ‘Leafy Borough’ of South London and was founded in 1985 by Stephen John McIntosh. Originally the company was formed to publish his own music, as his group, ‘The Cool-Notes’ were enjoying numerous hits such as “Spend The Night”  “In Your Car”  “You’re Never Too Young” and many more.

Because of the growing success that SLNB had achieved he then set up SLNB Studios. At first the Studio would be used to produce the many projects that SLNB and The Cool-Notes would be working on.

Fortunately for the company there wasn’t anything like SLNB in Sutton, and the location of the studio soon became very popular and sought after by local and surrounding Song Writers & Musicians. So as the studio began to become more and more in demand the company decided to make a huge investment in the latest ‘State of the Art’ equipment.

"Sounds Like Nothing but the Best"

This desision unknown to Stephen at the time, would go on to become the best decision ever made by the company, as SLNB Studios became the heart of the whole operation and still is to this very day.

Steve photo WP2018

Steve McIntosh

Founder, and owner of SLNB

In 1998 whilst working on a project with a client and good friend ‘Winnie’ Juanita Diaz, Stephen was tipped off about a very important audition that was taking place in London at the time. He took his then 15 year old son Bradley McIntosh to this audition. Bradley eventually succeeded and became a member of ‘S CLUB 7’ – the rest is history.

Another very successful side of the company, ‘SLNB PERFORMANCE’ soon found its importance in the SLNB organization when in 1990 managed ‘Dawn Mitchell’ of the ’49ers’ – best known for their Massive World Wide hits such as, “Touch Me” “Don’t You Love Me” “How Longer” “Girl to Girl” and many more.  Later ‘SLNB PERFORMANCE’ went on to manage many other acts including their very own Girl Band ‘L13’ who, almost made the big time. And is currently managing the daily affairs of S Club 3, Jo O’meara, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh. Also included are Big Brovaz & Booty Luv.

SLNB Music Publishers

SLNB Music Publishing is fully established and has more than 300 titles to it’s catalogue. SLNB is now moving into the lucrative and exciting world of film and television. Library Music is another area of the market where SLNB Music has achieved some substantial success,

with many of their titles already
used in numerious TV productions and in fact have secured many title themes. SLNB is closely affiliated with M&C Productions, a partnership which has been in force for over 30 years.


SLNB Music is the home of The Cool-Notes and much, much more…………..

Not just great music.. Sounds Like Nothing but the Best.

If you are serious about your music and want that professional sound.

More than 300 songs titles in our catalogue and growing by the week.

Taking care of business for many leading acts and performers.

Producers of some of the best library and stock music around.  

Have produced many promotional videos for their own artistes.