by The Cool-Notes

Monsieur Je Vous Aime

3 Tracks   256 Kbps   14:22            £1.49

Monsieur Je Vous Aime translated ‘Mr. I Love You’ was written and produced by Steve McIntosh and Joe Charles in 1998 for a Album project they were working on. The Track was never released as a single but does feature a very young 15 year old Bradley McIntosh just before he joined his world famous group S Club 7.  SLNB Music has now digitally remastered all these titles and made available for download at the incredible high quality bit rate of 320 kbps.



Monsieur Je Vous Aime – Radio Mix

4:00            £0.82+vat


Monsieur Je Vous Aime – 2 Boyz Extd. Mix

6:20            £0.82+vat


Monsieur Je Vous Aime – 2 Boyz Chill Out Mix

4:02            £0.82+vat

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