by Paul Rose

Say Hello - All 3 Mixes

3 Tracks   256 Kbps   15:24            £1.49

In 1988 Steve McIntosh and Joseph Charles produced this swaying bouncy Lovers Rock recording sung by Paul Rose who is Steve’s cousin. ‘Say Hello’ was released on the 20-20 record label, a label formed and owned by Steve McIntosh and Joe Charles.
You can now download your own copy with original crackles and all.
SLNB Music has now digitally remastered all these titles and made available for download at the high quality bit rate of 256 kbps.



Say Hello – Lovers Mix

6:43            £0.69+vat


Say Hello – Instrumental Mix

4:07            £0.69+vat


Say Hello – Wha Happenin’ Boof Mix

4:34            £0.69+vat

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