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Welcome to SLNB Music Publishers

SLNB Ltd is situated in Sutton Surrey, and was founded in 1985. Because of the growing success that SLNB had achieved over the years they set up SLNB Studios.
SLNB Music is also known as the home of 80s Soul band The Cool-Notes. People often ask what the S.L.N.B acronym stands for, well that’s simple, 

Sounds Like Nothing but the Best.
How good is that? – Because that’s what we truly mean, everyone wants the Best, so why not give the Best.

SLNB Music Publishing is fully established and has more than 400 titles in our catalogue. SLNB also enjoys huge success in the lucrative and exciting world of film and television.

Library Music, which is another area of the market where SLNB Music has achieved some substantial success with many of our titles already used in numerous TV productions and in fact have secured many title themes.

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SLNB Studios

Do you need a studio? Do you want to make your own Recording or CD? Then we can help with our In-house Producers.

SLNB Performance

Working with artistes like S Club, Big Brovaz, Booty Luv, The Cool-Notes…. on a daily basis, managing gigs and tours, and much more………

SLNB Productions

Steve Mac & Joe Charles, producers of many hits, also responsible for SLNB’s extensive ‘Library Music’ catalogue. 

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We are SLNB Music – Home of The Cool-Notes and

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