We Provide a wide range of equipment, everything you'll need to record

edit and mix - for that profession sound.

Pro Tools C|24 Ultimate in recording, editing, and mixing tasks. With the sleek and stylish 24-channel C|24 control surface,
Hands-on control over almost every software function. It has high-quality analog inputs and a 5.1 analog monitor section to use with your Pro Tools audio interface.

Pro Tools C|24

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.4Ghz/64GB Ram / 2 x 2TB HHD (fully loaded)
Apple I-Mac (Latest software)
8 Lacie external Hard drives

Apple Computers

Pristine sound quality and clarity. Pro Tools HD I/O is a high-performance audio interface designed for Pro Tools  HD systems that enables you to capture every detail and nuance of a performance. Sequencer software – Pro Tools 9,   Logic 9 and Logic X.

Pro Tools | HD I/O

Monitoring is a critical part of the recording process therefore we believe that if you cannot trust what you are hearing then what’s the point of caring about your mix. Which is why we still use the undisputed true champion nearfield monitor of all time, NS10’s.

Yamaha NS10M Studio (nearfield)   Hafler – Trans nova (main monitor)   –  JBL Control 1 (small monitor)

Keyboards & Synth Modules

Roland ‘Juno 106’
Yamaha ‘DX7’
Roland ‘MKS-20’ Digital Piano
Roland ‘D-550’
Roland ‘D-110’
Roland ‘XV-3080’ (with expansion cards) Dance
Bass&Drums – Synths – Orchestral and Pianos.
Peavey ‘Spectrum Bass’
Oberheim ‘Matrix 1000’
Korg ‘exM1R’
Novation ‘Supernova II’
Akai ‘S3200XL Sampler
Akai ‘S1000PB’ Sampler
2 x Akai ‘S612’ + MD 280 disk drive
Roland 727 Percussion Machine
E-mu System ‘SP-12 drum machine.


Antares Auto Tune.
Waves Diamond Bundle Plugins
Pitch Shifter.
Izotope Trash.
Izotope O zone 3.
Izotope Spectron.
Izotope Vinyl.
Access Indigo.
Funk Logic Mastererizer.
Elemental Audio Systems Eqium.
PSP Neon.
PSP 84.
Emagic EXS-24.
Emagic ES1.
Emagic ES2.
Emagic EVP 88.
Emagic ESP.
Emagic ESE.
Emagic EVB3.
Emagic EVD6.
Emagic EVP 73.
Emagic EVOC 20 Polysynth.
Kompakt Colossus.
Kompakt Virtual Grand Piano.
Media Music Minimonstr.
Bigfish Audio Prosonus Orchestral Collection.
Stylus RMX.
UVI Engine Ultra Focus.
Ohmforce Mobilohm.
Ohmforce Quad Frohmage.
Bitshift Audio pHATmatix Pro.
Plus many many more…….

White Baby Grand Piano.


Outboard Equipment

TL Audio Ivory Series C5021 Valve Compressor.
TL Audio Ivory Series VP5051 Valve Processor-Mic Pre Amp.
Behringer – Ultrafex II
Behringer – Virtualizer Pro
Behringer – Modulizer Pro
Behringer – Composer Compressor/Limiter
Behringer – Multicom Pro Multi Compressor/Limiter x2
Behringer – Multigate Pro Expander/Gate x3
dbx 120xp Subharmonic Synthesizer Bass- Processor.
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate.
Roland Seq-315 Graphic Equalizer.
Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter .
Roland SRA 1200 Amp.
Roland SDE-2500 Digital Delay x2.
Yamaha Rev 1 Professional digital Reverberation.
Yamaha Rev 7 Digital Reverberator.
Yamaha DP100 Dynamic Processor.
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus.
Lexicon LXP 1 Reverb.
Alesis Quadraverb.
Akai DR4vr Hard disk Recorder/editor.
Akai DR4d Hard disk Recorder/editor.
Tascam DA-45HR DAT Machine.
Philips DDC-730 18 bit Digital Recorder.
Pioneer MJ-D508 Mini disc Recorder.
Akai GX-55 3 head Cassette Deck.


Bomb Factory 1176.
Bomb Factory LA-2A.
Bomb Factory Essential Correlation.
Bomb Factory Meter Bridge.
Bomb Factory Noise Meter.
Channel Strip.
Drawmer Gates.
Focusrite d2 -2/4/6 Band eq.
Focusrite d3 Compressor/Limiter.
Joemeek Meequalizer.
Digi Rack Limiter II.
Digi Rack Time Adjuster.
Long Delay, Med Delay, Short Delay.
Pro 53, Pro 52.
Surround Scope.
Soft Samplecell.
Voce Chorus Vibrato.
Voce Spin.
Groove Agent.
Halion String Player.
Karlette – Tape Delay.
Minimoog V.
Model E.
Plug Sound PS03 Drums & Perc.
Plug Sound PS04 Hip Hop.
Plug Sound PS05 Synths.
Steinberg VB-1 Bass.
Steinberg Virtual Guitar.
Waldorf Attack.
Waldorf PPG Wave 2V.
Valve tone 62.
Cakewalk Rapture.
Novation BassStation.
Novation V-Station.
Korg MDE-X.
Korg Legacycell.
Korg MS-20.
Korg Polysix.
Korg Wavestation.

Microphone  –   Neumann U87